Well I just started on here so I thought I would participate in this even though I missed Day 1. So… here goes!

I step out of my door and take stock of my surroundings. There is almost literally nothing here. ‘Almost literally?’ I think to myself. I don’t think the concept really exists, but it describes this place so vividly. I jump down the small ladder and take another look around. There is dust and rock everywhere. None of it is moving as there really isn’t much air up here to create a wind. Everything seems to be that same color. The rocks, dust and all the hills I see in the distance. Only my home and myself stand out. Stark white and silver against a sea of red, well we are a bit more red now. Like sand from a beach this dust gets everywhere and never really comes off. Though I know that my suit protects me, I can still feel the intense cold of this place as if I where wearing nothing. The solitary nature of this place sometimes gets to me but when I remember where I am, it all seems so small. My work seems so important. I call this place home now but my real home is so very far away. I can sometimes see it in the distance.


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