New Hobbies

Taking a look back on what I have done for fun and what I call my hobbies, I realize that they all stem from fantasies and fictions. For example, most of my so called hobbies include videogames, reading fantasy or science fiction books and even watching a few of the many Let’s Play YouTube channels. For those who don’t know, a Let’s Play is a video where someone records themselves playing videogames. They may do a voiceover and some even show a video of their own reactions to the gameplay.

All of the hobbies that I seem to have, while entertaining, have no basis in reality. This does not mean that reading fantasy or playing videogames can’t help you in the real world. My current activities have made me curious about my own world and despite what many think, videogames do help with real world skills. I find that hobbies like videogames or reading are very difficult to talk about with people who don’t also enjoy them. Some of the people I have met can’t even understand why I “waste” my time playing games. It seem as though nothing I can say and no comparison I make helps them understand what it is about my hobbies that interests me. Maybe it’s a failure on my part on how to communicate my thoughts and ideas. That and maybe some people cannot see what I get out of immersing myself in a fantasy world.

I have decided to find new hobbies that both interest me and give me interesting thing to speak about when those around me are not interested in my current hobbies. I wish to have something to talk about when I meet new people. Most of the time when I meet a someone and I try to talk about my hobbies and interests, if they don’t share at least a small interest in books or games I see their eyes glaze over and they sort of shut down. What I am saying holds less than no interest to them and sometimes I can see that someone has “marked” me as a person of little interest. I have even met people who try to actively discourage me from my own hobbies.

I am going to try and find something new to do and enjoy. Something that won’t glaze the eyes of people who don’t know what it is and maybe I will have more, and better conversations in the future. This is not to say that I will abandon my books and videogames but maybe having all your hobbies in fantasy worlds is not as healthy as I thought it was. I don’t yet know what I will decide to take up but I hope that I find something that fits the bill.



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