Even In the Lull

Work has slowed down quite a bit recently and that has given me the time to work on my own projects. I work as a Software Tester for a company that designs and build control systems and there is usually enough customer demand that all my efforts are focused on testing their software. Without a lot of customer work right now I have been improving my test strategies and paperwork. I am creating test suites, and test plans. Learning new strategies and formalizing a lot of informal process that never really had time to take hold. In effect, I have been working to improve my workplace and work quality.

These actions in a lull of activity made me realize that the only path to improvement is constant “upgrading.” Even when there doesn’t seem to be much to do, there is something that can be made better. Now this does not mean that you have to take every single opportunity to improve. It only means that there is improvement to be made and it’s your choice to take it. Just like every choice, it’s yours.

In the future, I think that I will be looking for more opportunity to improve when I have “nothing to do.” This doesn’t mean that if I have nothing pressing that I will always choose to improve my life. I still want to play games, and read books. In the words of a certifiably insane man “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” So next time when you find yourself saying “I have nothing to do tonight” look for something in your life that needs working on and give it a go.

PS: After searching it up, I realize that the quote from the Shining, is not originally from the movie. It’s a proverb from a man named James Howel.


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