About Roboman 20000

I am a Software Tester from Canada who enjoys Geeky things.  I am quiet, collected and thoughtful and I almost never say or write a word that does not have a purpose. The best way to describe my temperament would be a strong base of introversion and terrible puns. My favorite activities include video games, reading interesting books, watching all manner of Sci-Fi and Fantasy shows/movies, and generally having an incredible capacity for bad jokes that you just have to laugh at, or stab me in the eye, whichever.

All my life I have be very selective about who I interact with and who I am friends with. I don’t have a lot of social skills or calibration but I am now actively trying to get better. My attempts at a newer, healthier life style is really just me going to the gym 3 days a week and hanging around Meetups at coffee shops..

This Blog will be more of an old school blog. It will contain my online diary as well as my thoughts on whatever takes my fancy.

I don’t plan on revealing who I am as I am still a bit scared of someone I know reading this.

Did I mention that I am a huge geek.

Oh and I guess I should specify, at least, that I am a regular Joe, White Dude with a tech job and an apartment and all that. Also that Roboman 20000 is the online handle that I have been using since Unreal Tournament days.


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